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Uniform for girls

Sept 2016

Uniform for Girls  
Blazer * Navy blue with school badge.
Skirt Mid grey (knee-length classic style with or without vent, pleated or non-pleated). See images.
Trousers Mid grey (straight, full length, classic style).
Shalwaar Mid grey (straight, classic style).
Tie – clip on * Allerton Grange School tie. KS3 (Y7/Y8): blue, KS4 (Y9 - Y11): red.
Shirt White (long sleeved), worn with school tie.


Mid grey (straight, knee length, classic style).
Shoes Plain black with flat or low heels (see images). No trainers permitted.
Belt Plain black if worn.
Jumper (optional) * Grey v-necked jumper with school logo.
Y11 - blue v-necked jumper with school logo.
Socks Mid grey or black ankle socks. No logos or designs.
Tights Plain black or neutral.
Faith hats/ Turbans/Hijab Navy blue, plain in style.
Earrings/studs Single discreet studs only.
Facial piercings No facial piercings.
Jewellery No jewellery other than plain studs, one bangle/band per hand and one plain ring per hand.
Scrunchies/ Alice band Navy blue, plain in style preferred.
Hair styles Extreme hairstyles (as decided by the school) are not acceptable eg. hair colouring (natural hair tones only), tram lines, hair shaving – not below a grade 3.
Make-up Minimal make-up permitted in years 7 - 11 (as decided by the school).


Items marked with an asterisk (*) are available from the school uniform shops only.

As part of the school’s summer uniform, the following will apply during the second half of the summer term only.

All students are permitted to wear a short sleeved white collared shirt (with tie). In addition, blazers and jumpers are optional during this period.




Uniform Stockist
617- 619 Roundhay Road
Tel: 0113 249 4025
Opening Times:
Monday - Saturday 9.00am - 5.15pm
School Uniform Shop / Jo Brands
369-373 Harehills Lane
Tel: 0113 235 1256
Opening Times:
Monday - Friday 9.00am - 5.30pm
Saturday 9.30am - 5.00pm
Sunday during summer holidays 11am-4pm
School Uniform Shop / Jo Brands
18-20 Green Road
Tel: 0113 230 6272
Opening Times:
Monday - Friday 9.00am - 5.30pm
Saturday 9.30am - 5.00pm
Sunday during summer holidays 11am-4pm
Design School Uniform & Workwear
22-24 George Street
Tel: 0113 2436642
Opening Times:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 9.00am - 5.00pm
Wednesday 9.00am - 2pm

"A great learning environment; light, bright and spacious classrooms, clean and well organised."
- Prospective Parent
"I applaud the focus on rewarding good behaviour. My son feels appreciated and recognised at Allerton Grange; we're all so proud."
- Year 8 Parent
"An open and welcoming atmosphere - very useful being allowed to look at teaching and learning"
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"The reward and behaviour system is clear, well enforced and has positive results!"
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"Staff are passionate and committed to developing and improving"
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"An inclusive school that is focused on providing the best education for its students"
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"Fantastic student ambassadors who are a credit to the school."
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"Pupils look smart and are well engaged in their lessons"
- Prospective Parent
"Safe, Supportive, Diverse"
- Local Authority Representative
"Strong leadership and motivation with an emphasis on progress"
- Parent
"I am so pleased with the School Gateway app. Every day I can see any achievement and behaviour points my daughter gets and she knows that I’ll discuss it with her; it encourages her to do well."
- Year 8 Parent